What It Means To Be Defeated

by Dayseeker

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released October 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Dayseeker San Diego, California

Hailing from Orange County, five refined veterans of the local music scene are blending the elements of rock, hardcore, and true passion in an effort to walk in the steps of those who came before, and to leave something behind for everyone who follows after. ... more

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Track Name: Black Earth
The needles that pierce my veins are drowning my world in flames
I pray for this to stop but they burn, they burn

No holy book, no plea's to the sky, will subside the fiending inside my mind

I don't think that I'm ready to die yet but I'm so close I can barely stand
My reflection shows a demon in me but I just want this to stop now
Can you hear me? I just want this to stop now

I'm helpless when my heart is heavy, when there is nothing else
To tell me I am worth the effort to save myself
Amidst the chaos in this sea of flames, my eyes turn from this black earth

Everyone I know is looking down, their eyes filled with shame
And everything I need is right in front of me but I just need to see
The water that I sink in could be the same I walk on

The truth is I'm still learning wrong from right

They burn my world, I can taste defeat
But I will make sure the earth sees one day that I'll be free from this sea of flames

Black earth, I turn my eyes to see a new world where I can find peace
Track Name: Collision.Survive
One single mistake has resulted in my body breaking through the windshield
My eyes are open and it feels like the first time I've ever seen the earth for what it could it be
No promise to wake in the morning, how many seconds have I wasted and thrown away?
Every minute is a chance to be the person that you want to believe exists inside of the mess you've created

Because I think I need you to understand
This collision survived was my second chance
Awaking to this hospital bed, I exhale with closing eyes and thank god I'm alive

Crimson blood stains my hands
Don't know who's alive or dead
I remember the worst from the night
From the scar that was ripped into my face
I swear on my life, I'll never forget this night

I see ambulance lights flash and sing
A song far too honest with me
God, hear my voice one more time
I'm the broken bone that needs to mend and become whole
Hear my voice one more time

Never again, never again will I sleep in the ground
My hands are extending so reach in and pull me out

I inhale with brand new lungs, surviving this collision
Track Name: What It Means To Be Defeated
So they read the news today, you had vanished without a trace
And you lacked the spine to turn your back and say goodbye
Now you’re just a ghost that occupies my thoughts, my every move
All mountains for me to move
Still I tell myself I’ll be just fine

All these excuses lead me to a sun never rising again
You were not someone I knew, just someone I learned to see through

You were lying when you said we'd be permanent
When did I become the one to give up?

When did I become a transition to the next one?
Maybe this won’t need to be repeated
Maybe it’s to show me what it means to be defeated

Wasn’t it enough to trade your bed for lust and tear me limb from limb?

Hopeless heart, held inside of a desperate soul
Smile while you’re stabbing me in the back again

Precious knife held inside of a man who waits to die
Could you send from my skin and show me one person I can put my trust in?
Bring me the sun, wake me up from my dreams of giving up now
I want to believe there’s permanence in me

When did I become the one to give up on?
Track Name: Incinerate
When did you start to fester the hate, that crooked intent to take a life and seal his fate
You sparked a fire that ruined my family but you started one in me, I will incinerate

You and your home, every single thing you care for
You can beg and repent but I won't stop until you
Feel as lifeless as the body of my father's brother

You can beg and repent but I won't stop

If the dead can't speak for themselves, then I'll say it loud and clear
Death is imminent and I will grin as it rips you from this world
There will be no end to your pain, no new beginning for you to claim
Just a cold, dark cell for you to live out your days and die alone

The only thing I'll forget is the ability to forgive you

Don't waste one worthless breath, your empty words will only fall on deaf ears
I want you buried in the dirt

You took the bullet, steadied your aim towards the back of his head
But the fact remains, he lays in his grave and I remember every time I hear my name

I wish nothing but the worst for you
As you rot in your cell
Know there's a special place reserved for you
In the shadows of Hell

I want them all to know the awful truth
About the life you took in cold blood and why I won't stop until you come undone
You will never escape what you have done
You deserve the agony you have brought on
You deserve to die
Track Name: Hollow Shell
God, don't you think we should talk?
I'm having trouble knowing if you're really listening at all
If there's a hell, you might as well mark a spot for my soul
If there's a god, I'm sorry for I won't pass the gates
I'm not quite sure if I deserve to wake up
I want to sleep forever if it means never looking in the mirror

Son, this is not a mountain that I've put before you to fall from
This is but a small peak that I need you to overcome

I didn't give light to this earth just to watch you fall to the dark

I'm so sick of feeling like I am a hollow shell of the one that I know so well
We all seem to show our true colors mean the most only when were seconds from a grave unmarked

If you listen for my voice
It will echo for centuries
Everything beneath your feet
The colors to make the black and white fade
I exist in all you see

I need someone to see
The difference between who I am and who I want to be
Oh my god, build me as I'm meant to be

Shattered son in the sea, know that where you sink is temporary
Because you'll rise and you'll see when you pass
What you find from the depths of your grave will end your suffering

Carry the cross until your bones break
It's never too late to change
Track Name: Dead Man
Dead man, show me where you rest your head so I know not to follow any trace of your footsteps
Gravedigger, I watched you take a breath and as the color left your face, the earth became your bed

There's no escaping the truth, there's no coming back for you
Track Name: Resurrect
This is not my bed to rest, in the dirt with no beat hailing from my chest
Resurrect me and bring color back to my eyes
Dying pale-faced, sickened friend of mine, speak with me for the last time

Dead Man, show me where you rest your head so I know not to follow any trace of your footsteps
Gravedigger, I watched you take a breath and as the color left your face the earth became your bed

This is the end of your existence but my own fate lies in the palm of my hands
So every breath moves with steps to keep you far from me

There’s no escaping the truth
There’s no coming back for you

I feel death’s hands wrapped around my neck but dear god, I want to live instead

Only I will watch my veins run dry and give out
Are we alone in life, or only when we die?

Maybe with death will come a light to be spread over the sky and bring the end of something beautiful
Maybe my life is meant to chase a god without a face to build me as I’m meant to be

Oceans flood my bruised and red eyes as I awake and see the sun
Maybe with death will come a light to be spread over the sky
Track Name: The Home We Built
Tired but I simply can't sleep
My hand on my heart but it keeps skipping beats
I know there is a man in my place
He put a ring on your finger and showed I'm a waste of your time
Time passed and proved everyone right
If I'm in the wrong, then why do I feel like I let go of the love of my life?

I should have fought for you when I had the chance

I took you for granted and let you walk out on the home we built
What the hell am I supposed to do without you?
I should have fought for you when I had the chance

I didn't see you when you were here
And now I see you everywhere

I wear a disguise protecting my pride, pretending that I am happy
You abandoned my world, had a baby girl, there's no coming back for us
Your daughter is perfect, she has your eyes
But winter is colder when I fall asleep without you at my side

Winter will pass and I may relapse, but it's better to have you and lose you than to never have loved you at all
There is a hole in my heart
Track Name: Sleep In The Sea
Darling, are you lost, adrift at sea?
There is an anchor tied to your ankle that begs to watch you sink
Is the bottom of the ocean where you want to make your bed?

I could feel you slip through my fingers and sink towards the abyss
But nothing that I did could ever keep you safe from the ocean that's filling your lungs

There is an anchor tied to your ankle that begs to watch you sink

Effervescent mind, sinking so fast
You could have been just fine if you had listened when I cried out
Stray from the tide or my words will become a distant sound
Separate from the shore and you will surely drown

My heart never felt so full, when you would wake in my bed
You made a choice to return to the waves, and now it feels like a part of me is dead
I would give anything to bring you back
But you're gone, and you sleep in the lowest depths of the sea

There is a hole in my heart
A fragment remains but never the same
You filled the space until you gave up on me
With my feet stuck in the sand and just out of reach of grabbing your hand
Your mind will sift through the past, your heart torn in half, this breath will be your last

Sleep in the sea as the anchor becomes your destiny
Track Name: The Quiet Disconnect
Unfamiliar stone of gray marked beginning and end of day
Reality sinks like an anchor in water

My body can't stop shaking, convulsing
This is tragic and sickening
This is The Quiet Disconnect
No father should ever have to bury his son
Every breath exhaled leads me closer
But I'm starting to panic
Because I am finding it hard to grasp and comprehend that no ink could spill from this pen
And meet the words to send, to tell you I can't exist if you're non-existent

Find your home in the sky to rest your soul
Even if your voice won't move past your lips, I know we'll speak again
And though I know you've died, I swear to god to try to keep your memory alive

We all flirt with death but feel like were invincible
Until one moment defines that we could be the next

Is there a point in drifting through life when everything I love will pass, decay, and die?

My face is the pale-white of your skin, my lungs have no breath to be held from within
I just want to know you’re safe and sound, not just a body beneath the ground
Oh god, I fear certain death and the end of day
But what I fear the most is who you're going to take away

If there has to be a beginning, then I want you to show me the end

Fire spreads but I won't let it burn this bridge
To give them life when my friends are dead